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Background of the process

Beech wood is widely used because of its appearance, properties and general availability. Its primary processing is much more complex and time-consuming. Because beech logs have many imperfections, and because sawn wood warps, shrinks and cracks during drying, it is a challenge to ensure quality products.

Why choose us?

Favourable geographical conditions, years of experience and modern cutting and drying equipment are key factors in the production of our first-class semi-finished products. The work process, which takes place entirely on one site, is based on the circular economy and is geared towards achieving the maximum wood yield. With a large stock of material, we can consistently ensure that our customers receive the quantities they need on time.

We are an indispensable link

We are an indispensable link in the wood processing chain. Our company represents the link between nature or the forest and the end product for the consumer. We provide our business partners with semi-finished wood products made from high-quality beechwood sourced from Slovenia. Reliability and excellent process control have made us a leading regional processor.

Production capacities

Our entire activity takes place on 12 hectares of land, which is organised in such a way that two-thirds of it is dedicated exclusively to the natural drying of the wood, while the rest is made up of industrial sheds.

The company is continuously investing in modernising production. In recent years, we have upgraded our log-cutting and wood-drying capacities, and have become self-sufficient in heat production and partially self-sufficient in electricity generation.

An organised log unloading and storage area:
The locations around the industrial complex have been chosen for easy access and do not interfere with the production process.

The debarking process removes any dirt and helps the wood to dry faster. The waste bark serves as an energy source for heat production.

Cutting of logs:
The company owns two log-cutting plants. The wheel diameter of the more powerful saw is 2000 mm and it is one of the largest and most modern saws in Europe.

Multiple drying chambers:
The total capacity of the drying chambers, which are heated entirely with wood biomass, is more than 500 m3 and the final water content of the wood varies between 10 and 12%.

Saws for cutting to length:
The company has several indoor production halls, where it has mitre saws, multi-blade saws, band saws and a planing machine.

Wood biomass boiler houses:
The heat needed to heat the drying chambers and all the rooms is generated in two boiler rooms. The total maximum power of the installation is 2.1 MW.

Ecological awareness

Sustainable development and sustainable management are important values for us. As we are aware of the environmental issues, we try to create a minimal carbon footprint on the planet through our work.

Our commitment to the highest standards is demonstrated by FSC® certification and carbon neutrality in our self-supply of heat. The energy source for its production is entirely wood residues, which belong in the category of renewable energy sources. A brand new solar power plant also makes it possible to be partially self-sufficient in electricity.

About us

We are a family enterprise with more than a century of wood tradition.


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Caring for the environment and preserving it for our future generations is of vital importance to the company. We confirm our commitment to this through FSC® certification and membership in the Slovenian Wood Association SLOLES.

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